“Crying is in the Eyes of the Beholder” – New Publication by Dr. Michael Gross, former AC4 Visiting Scholar

Newly published theoretical paper on Crying at Work from Dr. Gross, professor and researcher on the intersection of conflict resolution and workplace management, is now available. The full paper titled “Crying is in the Eyes of the Beholder: An Attribution Theory Framework of Crying at Work” published in Saga Journal is accessible here.

Professor Gross came to AC4 as a visiting scholar in Fall 2016 and taught courses on Leadership and Framing for graduate level conflict resolution and negotiation students at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies. In talking about his work with a research team on this topic of Crying at the Workplace and branching out into emotional expression, Professor Gross said “Crying has many different emotions associated with it. Crying could be sadness, anger, happy, compassion; crying is an expression that is not just one emotion.”

The article contributes to research on emotional expression and attribution theory, with focus on observers’ point of view. As stated in the abstract, “this [observer-focused] model is particularly valuable because it addresses the reality that an observer will develop an impression of another person’s emotion and intention, and that this impression may not always align with the reality of the emotion being experienced by the expresser.”

Read the full paper via this link: 


To learn more about Dr. Michael Gross, read this conversation he had with AC4‘s Arishaa Khan and Meredith Smith in Fall 2016: here.

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