Global Community Forum

Picture of Global Community Forum LogoIn collaboration with faculty, students, and centers across Columbia University, AC4 is engaged in the development of The Global Community Forum (GCF), a forum that centers on building global communities and networks. Research and practice suggests that many people on the planet could face serious problems in the future unless global communities and cooperative networks are developed that allow people to deal with pressing problems, such as destructive conflicts, failing economic systems, and the effects from potential climate change.

The forum was initiated in the spring of 2012 by Professor Emeritus Morton Deutsch, one of the world’s most eminent psychologists and peace scholars, and Professor Jim Westaby, a social psychologist and social network expert.


If you have any questions regarding the Global Community Forum or are a Columbia University faculty member, graduate student, or undergraduate student who would like to join the Global Community Forum, please contact Christianna Gozzi at

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