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Monthly Newsletters

December 2016 – Conversation on Corruption with Jenik Radon; Featured Profile: Michael Gross, Visiting Scholar Fall 2016

November 2016 – Conversation on Music as a Tool for Bridging Divides, with Singer/Songwriter and Activist Ali Dineen, Drew Pham, and Meredith Smith

October 2016 – Featured Talk from Perspectives on Peace Kick-Off Event on the Refugee Crisis with Dr. Felisa Tibbitts

September 2016 – Conversation on Teaching and Learning in Places of Exception with Cathlin Goulding, Fellowship Alum; Interview with Cody Pope, Fellowship Alum

May 2016 – Interview with Isaac Scott, Resident Artist and Justice in Education Scholar at Columbia’s Center for Justice

April 2016 – Conversation on Creativity, with Professor Michael Hanchett Hanson and Melissa Cesarano of Teachers College

March 2016 – Interview with Layla Zami, Artist and Scholar at Columbia’s Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality (IRWGS)

February 2016 – Interview with Diana Engel Gerbase, Research Fellow

January 2016

December 2015 – Interview on AC4’s DST Initiative with Christine Straw, and Featured Profile: Hakim Williams, Fellowship Alum

November 2015 – Conversation with Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Venera Kusari on the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM); and Featured Profile: Fellowship Alum, Jonathan Blake

October 2015 – Interview on AC4’s Sustainable Human Development Initiative in the Basque Country, with Dr. Armando Geller and Kristen Rucki

September 2015 – Interview with Natalie Unwin-Kuruneri, the Earth Institute’s Associate Director of Education

May 2015 – Interview with Saad Ali Saad, Fellowship Alum

April 2015 – Conversation on Conflict Resolution through Arts and Community, with Dr. Jill Strauss

March 2015 – Interview with Kaggie Orrick, Fellowship Alumna

February 2015 – Interview with Morton Deutsch, founder of the Morton-Deutsch International Center on Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) at Teachers College

December 2014 – Interview with Klaus Jacob of Earth Institute; and Featured Profile: Diana Rodriguez-Gomez, Fellowship Alumna 2014

November 2014 – Interview with Jessica Fanzo, Nutritionist and International Sustainable Development; and Interview with Dirk Salomons, UN Peace-Builder

October 2014 – Interview with Jenik Radon, Lawyer and Negotiation in International Human Rights and Extractives

May 2014 – Interview with Aldo Civico

April 2014 – Interview with Nick Redding

March 2014 – Interview with Conflict Resolution Career Panelists

January 2014 – Interview with Sarah Sherman

November 2013 – Interview with Beth Fisher-Yoshida

October 2013 – Interview with Daniel Jack Lyons

May 2013 – Interview with Sequoia Stalder

April 2013 – Interview with Connie Sun

March 2013 – Interview with Eric Marcus

February 2013 – Interview with Claudia Cohen

January 2013 – Interviews with Morton Deutsch; and Joe Brown

December 2012 – Interviews with Christine Webb; and Kyong Mazzaro

November 2012 – Interviews with Nikolas Katsimpras; and Michelle Jackson

October 2012 – Interviews with Danny Fisher; and Danielle Goldberg

September 2012 – Interview with Joshua Fisher

(Note: We do not send newsletters during the summer months)

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