2014 Scholarship Recipients

AC4’s 2014 IACM Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients from Historically Underrepresented Groups

Elizabeth Ruth Wilson_Historically

Elizabeth Ruth Wilson
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, United States
Management and Organization

Elizabeth Ruth Wilson is a doctoral candidate in the Management and Organizations department at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, where she is part of the Kellogg Team and Group Research Center. Her research focuses on developing high-performance teams and examines the consequences of both creativity and decision making. More specifically, Wilson’s paper (presented at the 2014 IACM conference) analyzes the influence of creative thinking as a causal factor of negotiation behavior and outcomes.

Scholarship Recipients from Developing Countries

Divya Upadhyay_Developing

Divya Upadhyay
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource

Divya Upadhyay is a doctoral candidate from Organizational Behavior and Human Resource area at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India. She is currently pursuing research in the area of “conflict management styles from construal level perspective”. Her research aims at understanding the innate psychological factors that influence individuals’ preferences of competitive versus cooperative conflict management styles. Her research posits that abstract action representation involves preferences of cooperative over competitive styles of managing conflicts. Her research suggests that in promoting harmony an abstract construal may be most beneficial.

Mayowa Babalola_Developing

Mayowa Babalola
University of Leuven, Belgium
Organizational Psychology

Mayowa Babalola is a doctoral researcher at the Research Group Occupational and Organizational Psychology and Professional Learning, KU Leuven, Belgium. His research focuses on leadership, organizational change and conflict management.  As an IACM Scholarship Recipient, Mayowa’s research examines how ethical leadership could help manage workplace conflicts. After his doctoral studies, he plans to continue with research on leadership and help organizations in Africa understand the practicability of positive forms of leadership.

Jorge Cea_Developing

Jorge Cea
Chile / Venezuela
University of Seville, Spain
Work and Organizational Psychology

Jorge Cea is a doctoral candidate in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Seville – Department of Social Psychology, during their doctoral studies he spent time at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, National Autonomous University of Mexico and University Institute of Lisbon. His doctoral dissertation focuses on comparative studies of mediation of employment disputes across cultures: Chile, Spain and Mexico. As an IACM Scholarship Recipient, Jorge’s research focused on a field research and an empirical study on the effectiveness of mediation, trust in mediation, and strategies in Chile and Spain.


Evgeniia Shahin
Sabanci University, Turkey
Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Evgeniia is a Masters student in the Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program, Istanbul, Turkey. As an IACM Scholarship Recipient, she is interested in the third-party interventions and particularly mediation. Her paper presents a comparative case study of intra-state conflicts in Niger and Yemen, and analyzes effectiveness of the related mediation attempts using transformative and problem solving approaches to mediation.

Siyu Yu_Developing

Siyu Yu
People’s Republic of China
University of California Berkeley, United States

Siyu Yu is currently a sociology PhD student at University of California, Berkeley. Siyu’s research concentrates on social hierarchy. At the 2014 IACM, Siyu will present papers on why people take low status rank in teams, how individuals’ conceptualization of hierarchy influences their organizational outcomes, and the distinct effects of power and status on the enforcement of group cooperation. She hopes her research could inspire business leaders and drive positive impacts in the real world.

Temilade Adeyemo_Developing

Temilade Adeyemo
University of Lagos, Nigeria

Temilade Adeyemo is a current student at the University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba Lagos, Nigeria where she is studying for her LLM. Her area of research for the IACM Convention focuses on International Intervention in domestic conflicts. The Paper looks at the role the UN, NATO, the UN Security council as well as other world super powers play and has played in mitigating conflicts in countries with particular reference to Libya and Syria. The Paper also distinguishes between the terms “Intervention and Interference” since both terms can be easily confused. She has a passion for Justice, Peace building and keeping.

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