Video Series on the SP Project

Led by Dr. Peter T. Coleman, Co-Executive Director of AC4, a multi-disciplinary team is studying underlying conditions of peaceful societies around the world. Gain an introduction to the AC4 Sustainable Peace Project through this multi-part video series. The full series with 8 videos altogether is available below. Please watch the short videos and, for more context on the project, read about the series on the State of the Planet: “What Does it Take to Live in Peace?

What Does it Take to Live in Peace?


Peace is Possible: The Science and Core Dynamics of Sustainable Peace


Learning from Peace Systems


What Makes the Sustainable Peace Project Innovative?


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Understanding Sustainable Peace


Epistemology, Systems Thinking and Sustainable Peace


Finding Possibilities through Complexity Science


How Can Physics Be Applied to Peacebuilding?

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