2010 Graduate Fellows

AC4’s 2009-2010 Graduate Student Fellowship Cohort

Individual Fellowship Recipients

Picture of Allison Boehm - Fellowship 2009-10Allison Boehm
School of International and Public Affairs
Economic and Political Development

As an AC4 Fellow, Allison’s research focused on the post-conflict situation in Sri Lanka and assessed the impact of conflict, specifically on children. In addition, the research surveyed existing peace-building or conflict resolution programs developed by local civil society organizations and international NGOs, and it also surveyed policies implemented by the government in order to keep the fragile peace.

Gray-BoxNatan Dotan
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

As an AC4 Fellow, Natan’s dissertation research focused on power and powerlessness in asymmetric conflicts. This research emphasized the role of representation and performativity in such conflicts.

Picture of Ethan Downing - Fellowship 2009-10Ethan Downing
School of Continuing Education
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

As an AC4 Fellow, Ethan filmed a documentary about the human trafficking of children by Chinese Snakeheads in New York City. The film brought awareness to the violence and conflict Chinese immigrant youth experience, and gave a voice to their struggle against abuse, neglect, and human trafficking.

Picture of Robert Benjamin Frey - Fellowship 2009-10Robert Benjamin Frey
Mailman School of Public Health
Sociomedical Sciences

As an AC4 Fellow, Robert’s dissertation research used ethnography to investigate the homecoming and readjustment experiences of U.S. military veterans and civilian contractors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. His general research interests followed two trajectories: (1) how health issues, especially those resulting from political violence and social inequality, are understood and acted upon in cultural terms; and (2) how political, economic, and social factors influence the organization and delivery of health care services.

Picture of Naira Musallam - Fellowship 2009-10Naira Musallam
Teachers College
Psychology and Education

As an AC4 Fellow, Naira’s dissertation research addressed the complexity, adaptability, and resilience of NGOs working in the Palestinian Territories.

Picture of Jeffrey J Schiffer - Fellowship 2009-10Jeffrey J. Schiffer
Teachers College
Anthropology and Education

As an AC4 Fellow, Jeffrey conducted a pilot study for his dissertation research. This research explored institutional efforts to “indigenize” programs, policies, and practices surrounding aboriginal leadership in British Columbia, Canada. He explored the process by which various members and organizations within indigenous polities, Canadian provincial and municipal government, and other institutes and actors interact to renegotiate the meaning and place of “indigeneity” with aboriginal-state relations in British Columbia. He was particularly interested in the role of aboriginal leaders within this process.

Picture of Mark Turner - Fellowship 2009-10Mark Turner
School of Continuing Education
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

As an AC4 Fellow, Mark taught skill building techniques to youth ages 16 to 21 interested in policy/civic involvement with the New York City Police Department and Community Planing Boards.

Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams
Teachers College
International Educational Development

As an AC4 Fellow, Hakim conducted research centered on differentiated conceptualizations of school violence in secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

Picture of Ariela Zycherman - Fellowship 2009-10Ariela Zycherman
Teachers College
Applied Anthropology

As an AC4 Fellow, Ariela conducted her dissertation research in Bolivia. Her project examined diet change and agricultural decision-making among lowland indigenous subsistence farmers as they gained access to new technologies and demand for new commodities increased.

Team Fellowship Recipients

Picture of Naomi Greenspan and Linda Leder - Fellowship Team Recipients 2009-10Naomi Greenspan and Linda Leder
Teachers College
International Educational Development

As AC4 Fellows, Naomi’s and Linda’s research project focused on how Israel is taught in American Jewish institutions. They proposed that a new model is needed to meet the needs of the current generation. The new curriculum is based on various concepts within the field of peace education, such as global citizenship, multiculturalism, human rights, identity development, and conflict resolution. By combining elements of Zionism and cosmopolitanism, they aimed to foster a more just and peaceful connection to Israel and with the world at large.


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