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Colombia Somos Todos

Colombia Somos Todos is a foundation established in Colombia to support the systemic development of youth through soccer. The organization was established in 2011 by a well-known soccer player, James Rodriguez and his family, to serve youth ages 7-12 in Ibagué, Colombia. Ibagué is a city of less than 400,000 inhabitants, where soccer is a means to an end for personal and professional growth. Healthy engagement with sports helps the overall positive development of youth, motivates them to have discipline and work toward achieving their goals, steering them away from engaging in potentially violent activities. Colombia Somos Todos bases their approach on the work of developmental psychologist, Bronfenbrenner, taking an ecological approach to youth development. There are three pillars of categories, biological, cultural and ecological, to which they created objectives and activities to reach their goals for overall wellbeing.

AC4, with a team lead by Aldo Civico and Beth Fisher-Yoshida, is partnering with Colombia Somos Todos to support them on strengthening their organization and program offerings through systemic data collection and monitoring and evaluation, both short- and long-term, for the youth, families and communities they serve. Our philosophy and approach is synergistic in that we want to make a difference in a holistic and sustainable way, by developing the intra- and interpersonal dynamics of youth, their families and their schools. This affect goes beyond the immediate circle of friends, family and acquaintances to include impact on communities and society at large. We are working in partnership by taking a systemic approach to: mapping their initiatives with a baseline assessment; monitoring and evaluation measures; measuring linear and nonlinear impact; and building capacity in conflict resolution, communication and group dynamics.

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