What Are Intractable Conflicts? – A Video Series with Dr. Peter Coleman

The Five Percent Problem

AC4′s Dr. Peter Coleman defines intractable conflicts, the five percent of international conflicts that are seemingly impossible to resolve.  These types of conflicts, however, can exist on a personal or global scale.  He highlights what we can do when we find ourselves in these types of conflicts.

A Conflict at Columbia University

Dr. Peter Coleman explains how tensions arose on Columbia’s campus regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the early 2000s. He explores what causes individuals to get trapped in conflicts with a long history.

A Conflict in the South Bronx

Dr. Peter Coleman explains how a series of gang violence episodes at a school in the South Bronx differentially impacted those within and outside of the conflict.  He emphasizes the importance of recognizing that how we interpret a conflict scenario may not be how others interpret that same scenario.

A Conflict in Mozambique

Dr. Peter Coleman explains how peace arose in Mozambique amidst a long, drawn-out civil war.  He shows how a small change in perspective and persistent effort can allow peace to feel achievable and sustainable, respectively.

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