EPS Research Associates

Alexandra Harden

Alexandra recently completed her graduate work in Climate and Society at Columbia University. Prior to Columbia, she was working with The Consortium for Capacity Building at the University of Colorado Boulder where she was also continuing her education in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. Her research has focused on environmental conflict and the destabilizing impacts of climate variability. She is interested in how conservation and natural resource management can be used in conflict prevention.

Allison Villegas Roman

Allison Villegas works as a Research Associate in the Environment, Peace and Sustainability initiatives in Peru. Allison holds an M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University, where her work focused on evaluating how environmental conservation can aid in conflict resolution and in the creation of stable sustainable communities.

Hunter DeMartino

Hunter DeMartino is an MBA student studying accounting at Manhattan College. His research combines qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine the role of an individual’s economic position in their decision making. Hunter uses knowledge from accounting to provide economic incentives for collaboration between individuals. After developing an interest in environmental science, he worked on several projects to test the water quality of the Hudson River, and measure the impact of nitrate runoff on local ponds. Hunter finished his undergraduate degree in accounting last spring at Manhattan College, and returned in the fall to begin his MBA.














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