AC4’s Kristen Rucki and collaborator Armando Geller present report on research in the Basque Country


Photo credit to GARA (2015)

AC4, in collaboration with the design analytics and decision support boutique Scensei, has spent the past six months engaged in an investigation exploring self-determination as a democratic process in the Basque Country. In particular, this project involved an independent study of the reach and effectiveness of Gure Esku Dago (“It’s in Our Hands”), a Basque civil society organization. The project, which employed a mix of semi-structured interviews, social media data mining, and an online survey, was developed jointly by Josh Fisher and Kristen Rucki of AC4 and Armando Geller of Scensei, in consultation with Gure Esku Dago. It was designed to explore how self-determination can be exercised in the Basque Country, the role of Gure Esku Dago in socializing self-determination, collaboration between political parties and civil society around this theme, and public opinion about this kind of collaboration in the Basque Country.

The project culminated with the recent release of a report titled Gure Esku Dago and the Right to Decide: Viewpoints, Challenges and Ways Forward.

GED_grouppic_BilbaoDr. Geller and Ms. Rucki recently visited the Basque Country to share the report’s findings in a series of public presentations that spanned various Basque regions. These presentations, co-sponsored by Gure Esku Dago, the Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies, and Eusko Ikaskuntza (Society for Basque Studies), were held between October 19 and 21 in the cities of Iruñea (Pamplona) in the region of Navarre, Bilbao in the Basque Autonomous Community, and Bayonne in the Iparralde area of France. Dr. Geller and Ms. Rucki also participated in Q&A sessions with attendees.

Following each presentation, local experts, including political leaders, academic specialists, and representatives from civil society and cultural groups, participated in a round-table discussion of themes included in the report.

The release of Gure Esku Dago and the Right to Decide and the presentation series were also covered by various Basque media outlets, including Kazeta, Diario de Noticias de Gipuzkoa, and Berria. The Basque newspaper GARA also interviewed Dr. Geller and Ms. Rucki about their work.

>>Read the full report here


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