The Sabin Center compiles and maintains multiple databases and other resources — on its own and in collaboration with other institutions — to facilitate access to the latest information, law, and scholarship on particular climate change-related topics. Materials that are no longer being updated are available on our “Archived Materials” page.

Climate Deregulation Tracker

The Climate Deregulation Tracker identifies steps taken by the incoming administration and Congress to scale back or wholly eliminate federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures. The tracker is linked to our database of climate change regulations.

Litigation Databases (U.S. and Non-U.S.)

In collaboration with Arnold & Porter, LLP, the Sabin Center tracks and summarizes new litigation over issues related to climate change. Both the U.S. and international litigation charts are updated monthly.

Climate Change Laws of the World

Since summer of 2016, the Sabin Center and the Grantham Institute have collaborated to maintain the world’s most comprehensive database of laws, regulations, and other materials related to climate change. That database organizes its contents using a number of markers, and so can be searched or browsed based on jurisdiction, relevant law, or substantive category.

State AG Environmental Action Database

The Sabin Center has partnered with to develop a database of environmental actions undertaken by state attorneys general as they seek to advance environmental law and policy objectives within their jurisdictions.

Adaptation Resources

The Sabin Center has compiled this database of legal resources for adaptation, which includes information about specific legal provisions that could be interpreted as requiring consideration of climate-related risks, articles discussing the nature of legal obligations to adapt, and resources to facilitate adaptation planning efforts undertaken by government and private actor.

U.S. Bar Associations Collaborative

Building on the work done at the June 2016 Bar Association Leaders Climate Change Summit, the Bar Associations Collaborative shares climate change-related resources and contacts for bar associations and their members. It is updated on an ad hoc basis, as the Sabin Center receives or identifies new information of interest to the group.

Model Laws and Protocols

The Sabin Center has also developed model laws and protocols, including: (1) model municipal ordinances for wind, solar, and green building;  (2) model protocols on how to account for the effects of climate change in environmental impact statements and other planning documents; and (3) a list of local law provisions for climate change adaptation.