Semi-Annual Reports

The Sabin Center issues a report about its activities twice each year.

  • Winter/Spring 2019                                                      
















The Center sponsored 5 events; published papers on a variety of topics. Papers include: “Policy Readiness for Offshore Carbon Dioxide Storage in the Northeast,”  “Legal Pathways for a Massive Increase in Utility-Scale Renewable Generation Capacity,” “The Price of Climate Deregulation: Adding Up the Costs and Benefits of Federal Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards,”  ; launched a new version of its climate litigation charts at and newly redesigned the Climate Deregulation Tracker; received several prominent awards and recognition, including a “Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law and Policy Award” from the American Bar Association and a “Defender of Science” Award from the Climate Legal Defense Fund, honoring Michael Gerrard; and submitted comments to numerous agencies, including the EPA, FERC and the Bureau of Land Management.


The Center sponsored 7 events; published New York’s New Sea Level Rise Projections Will Affect Land Use, Infrastructure, Planning for the Effects of Climate Change on Natural Resources, Trump’s Executive Order on Regulatory Costs Undermines Congressional Authoritylaunched three online resources – the Climate Deregulation Tracker, the State Attorneys General Environmental Actions database and Climate Change Laws of the World; and submitted comments to EPA.



The Center sponsored 15 events; published a variety of papers on international climate negotiations, fossil fuel production, and environmental impact assessment; joined the Advisory Committee for the Platform on Disaster Displacement; and commenced a project to help three Florida cities prepare for the impacts of climate change.






The Center sponsored 9 panels and conferences; published Legal Pathways to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under Section 115 of the Clean Air ActDownstream and Upstream Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Proper Scope of NEPA Review (forthcoming in Harvard Environmental Law Review); and filed an amicus brief in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of EPA’s Clean Power Plan on behalf of the National
League of Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and 54 individual cities, counties, and mayors.