Program Areas

The Sabin Center’s work covers the following program or issue areas. Clicking a link below will take you to a fuller description of each area, as well as examples of the Center’s related projects and work products.

  • Adaptation Law – Encouraging short- and longer-term adaptation efforts at all levels of government and by private actors as well.
  • Clean Air Act – Controlling greenhouse gas emissions under existing law.
  • Environmental Assessment – Ensuring that climate change receives due consideration in environmental reviews.
  • Energy Law – Advancing the decarbonization of the U.S. energy sector and improving the resilience of energy systems.
  • Securities and Climate Finance – Using law to mobilize funds for climate action and ensure that companies disclose climate risks.
  • Natural Resources – Helping natural resource managers account for the effects of climate change in planning and management decisions.
  • International Law – Working towards international solutions to climate change.
  • Human Rights – Addressing the nexus between human rights and climate change.
  • Threatened Island Nations