C+S Takes Over CNN’s Climate Crisis Town Hall

by |September 8th, 2019

Last Wednesday, CNN held a historic climate town hall with Democratic presidential candidates, and C+S was there to represent in full force. Two current students and one alum were selected to ask questions about the most pressing problem facing humanity today. Their questions perfectly encapsulated what the program is about.

C+S Breaks In Columbia’s New Manhattanville Building With Public Climate Presentations

by |December 15th, 2018

After a semester learning the basics of climate science, this year’s C+S class took that knowledge out of the classroom and into the public light. Last Saturday, students convened an all-day series of talks at The Forum, Columbia’s newly-opened event space in Manhattanville.

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C+S Faculty Member Awarded “Make Our Planet Great Again” Funding

by |December 13th, 2017

C+S faculty member Alessandra Giannini, who co-teaches Dynamics of Climate Variability and Change, was awarded funding through the French Government’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” program. The program, which solicited applications from climate scientists from around the globe, was introduced in June by French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron in response to the United States pulling out of the… read more

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So What Do Climatologists Do Anyways?

by |September 26th, 2017

Climate models are probably the most fundamental tool advancing the field today, and to me, until recently, the models seemed like some large mythic machine behind locked doors in some secret facility in the desert. My research internship succeeded at demystifying them. They’re essentially mathematical representations of the climate system courtesy of codes run on powerful computers.

Here’s How Zoos Can Play a Role in Climate Change Education

by |September 15th, 2017

There’s no doubt education is a vitally important part of fighting against climate change for several key reasons. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing young people, and education can equip them with the skills to help. It also encourages young people to get involved as global citizens and make contributions.

Conserving the Peace

by |September 13th, 2017

Recently, the Cal Madow mountain range has been experiencing warmer temperatures and less rainfall. While seemingly slight, these changes are having a considerable impact on the health of the trees and the communities that rely on them. Climate change will only further shift things, and conservation provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and prepare communities through preservation.

Climate and Society at the Idealist Graduate School Fairs

by |September 7th, 2017

The M.A. Program in Climate and Society will be traveling to Idealist Grad Fairs across the U.S. this fall. Come visit us in the following cities, you’ll find us listed under Earth Institute – M.A. in Climate and Society, M.P.A. in Environmental Science and Policy, M.A. in Sustainability Management. September 20, 2017 – Atlanta, GA September 25,… read more

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Climate and Society Information Sessions

by |September 23rd, 2016

The M.A. Program in Climate and Society is a twelve-month interdisciplinary Master of Arts program that trains professionals and academics to understand and cope with the impacts of climate variability and climate change on society and the environment. Learn more about the M.A. in Climate and Society at one of our upcoming information sessions. Online Information Sessions … read more

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C+S at the 2016 Idealist Grad Fairs

by |September 2nd, 2016

The M.A. Program in Climate and Society will be traveling to Idealist Grad Fairs across the U.S. this fall. Come visit us in the following cities, you’ll find us listed under The Earth Institute, Columbia University – Education Programs.

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Introducing the C+S Class of 2016

by |September 23rd, 2015

Earlier this month we welcomed the 12th class of Climate and Society students to Columbia University. This year’s class has 40 students from nine different countries and represent a variety of backgrounds from engineering to economics to environmental science

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