Applications in Climate and Society


This course is an interactive seminar focused on providing opportunities to explore ways in which the Climate and Society degree can be applied.

Credit hours: 3

Semester: Spring

Instructors: Brian Kahn and Andrew Kruczkiewicz

Course Objective:

The objective of this seminar is to explore how to integrate climate science, social science, policy studies and communication to improve the development of practical solutions for real-world challenges. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals representing a diverse mix of organizations working on integrating climate within their operations. The exposure to a variety of career paths will be coupled with activities to build and improve students’ career advancement skill set. The course will build towards the development of a strategy for the next steps of the C+S degree and prepare students for the summer internship period.

Skills Developed:

  • Climate communication
  • Writing for diverse audiences
  • Collaborating with professional partners
  • Linking research with policy