Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2020 comprises 38 students from seven countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental science, atmospheric science, computer science, international affairs, anthropology, psychology and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2020


Maham Asif


Lynsey Atkinson


Maria Barboza


Maitrayee Basu


Katherine Beem


Emily Bickle


Patrick Cho


Isabelle Cojocaru-Durand


Fransha Dace


Leila Fanaeian


Jynwaye Foo


William Gislason


Kyle Hall


Laura Hohmann


Amber Hughes


Shaowei Huo


Jasmine Ilham


Alisa Kim


Zoe Klobus


Nora Kyrkjebo


Chris Lowrie


Gianna Lum


William McCabe


Grennan Milliken


Lei Pei



Katharine Poole


Nina Prescott


John Quinn


Audrey Ramming


Alexandra Rinaldi


Patric Ryser


Ojas Satham


Sanchi Sharma


Elizabeth Tanzi


Sienna Templeman


Juliana Velez Duque 


Rollie James


Jeff Berardeli 


Shanny Peer


Dannie Dihn 

Photos: Cynthia Thomson