What’s the Matter with Earth? The Climate Can Tell

by |September 11th, 2018

Just like people get fevers, global climate change is making the Earth unhealthy. Doctors can diagnose diseases using modern medical technology. Fortunately, climate scientists can do the same. By collecting climate data, analyzing them, and, scientists can get a sense of how sick the planet is and provide advice on actions we can take to protect it.

Conserving the Peace

by |September 13th, 2017

Recently, the Cal Madow mountain range has been experiencing warmer temperatures and less rainfall. While seemingly slight, these changes are having a considerable impact on the health of the trees and the communities that rely on them. Climate change will only further shift things, and conservation provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and prepare communities through preservation.

The Eastern Caribbean Might Possibly Experience A Severe Water Deficit In Early 2016…Maybe?

by |July 13th, 2015

Flying into the eastern Caribbean region at the end of May, the lush green vegetation that would normally greet visitors from the skies above was visibly brown. This was the first indication that precipitation over the islands was below normal, a fact confirmed by the climatological reports from the various islands. But will the drought last through the rainy season?