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Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture

Date: June 15-25, 2021
Location: Online

Transparency of Land-based Investments: Cameroon Country Snapshot

Une description en français est ci-dessous. Despite a recent transparency law and participation in transparency initiatives, Cameroon’s investment environment remains plagued by poor transparency. In a new report focusing on agribusiness projects in Cameroon, CCSI and the Centre pour l’Environnement et le Développement (CED) find that: Communities continue to be excluded from decision-making around investments…. read more

Transparency for Whom? Grounding Land Investment Transparency in the Needs of Local Actors

Transparency is often seen as a means of improving governance and accountability of investment, but its potential to do so is hindered by vague definitions and failures to focus on the needs of key local actors. In a new report focusing on agribusiness, forestry, and renewable energy projects (“land investments”), CCSI grounds transparency in the… read more

Building Back Better: Confronting the Impact of Covid-19 on Land Tenure, Food Security and Nutrition

Date: October 13, 2020, 10:30am-12:00pm EST
Location: ONLINE

As Agribusiness Sustainability Initiatives Face Flak, Here’s How They Can Do Better

By Sam Szoke-Burke
September 18, 2020

Since last year, 35,000 people in Uganda’s Kiryandongo district were forced from their lands to make way for large-scale farming, including at gunpoint and by a sugar firm with international backing. Community members continue to be intimidated and tortured during a COVID-19 lockdown. The sugar industry is clearly still a long way from achieving sustainable and human rights-compliant sugar production.

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CCSI Submission to Bonsucro re Production Standard v5

In July 2020, CCSI made a formal submission to Bonsucro, an international multi-stakeholder initiative and certification scheme concerned with promoting sustainable sugar cane production. The submission formed part of consultations for Bonsucro’s draft Production Standard version 5. CCSI’s submission focused on challenges associated with implementing, and auditing for compliance with, three aspects of Bonsucro’s draft standard,… read more

Mateusz Ciasnocha Alumni Profile

June 15, 2020

In this profile, Mateusz Ciasnocha, Incubation Manager at AgriTech Hub VC, and a 2019 Executive Training alumnus, addresses his personal trajectory and what factors allowed him to get to where he is today, providing key advice to those interested in pursuing similar goals.

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Government Briefing: Incorporating Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) into Investment Approval Processes

Investment approval processes are the gateway through which governments set the agenda for their country’s investment environment. Yet too often these processes fail to incorporate meaningful requirements regarding participation in decision-making by Indigenous and other affected communities, increasing the risk of under-performing and conflict-ridden investments. This briefing will explain how host governments can incorporate FPIC and meaningful consultation into each stage of the investment approval process.

Land and Resource Investment Consultations in the Time of COVID-19: The Hazards of Pressing On

By Sam Szoke-Burke
May 24, 2020

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Executive Summary on Ensuring Economic Viability and Sustainability of Coffee Production

This briefing note presents our research into sustainability within the coffee sector, including the results of our analytical and empirical modeling, and provides several recommendations.