Topical Contractual Issues

Contract Comparison Research: Using the contract comparison tool, CCSI is researching local content and water provisions respectively in oil, gas, and mining contracts from select countries, supplementing and situating the analysis in the context of the projects to which the contracts apply to understand the impact of such provisions on water availability for communities surrounding a project, and the realization of local content objectives.

Sequencing of Contract Negotiation: CCSI is researching the sequencing of extractives contract negotiation in the exploration/development and production stages of a project, exploring the impact of laws and practices that require the ‘bundling’ of contract negotiations, ie: the negotiation of a contract that covers the exploration, development and production stages of a project; and the ‘unbundling’ of contract negotiations, where the negotiation of a contract may take place only after the exploration stage of a project, and before production. CCSI is researching the different approaches in order to understand whether, and in what ways the sequencing of negotiations may impact the terms negotiated.