A Database of Publicly Available Community-Investor Contracts

In September 2018, CCSI launched, a collection of publicly available agreements between local communities and investors. In some instances, the repository also features agreements that include host government parties. The agreements featured on the repository include benefit sharing agreements, leases, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and revenue sharing agreements concluded in the context of agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas extraction, renewable energy, and other natural resource projects. The repository features plain language summaries of each agreement’s key social, environmental, and fiscal terms, among others. Where available, agreement pages include links to studies or reports relevant to the agreement to provide further context.

Why this site?

Building on the expertise developed with and and CCSI’s research to date on community-investor agreements, CCSI developed Open Community Contracts to increase the accessibility of such agreements to affected communities, practitioners, and researchers. By making such agreements publicly available and accessible in a user-friendly format, we hope the repository will serve as an important source of information on current practices.

Our Team and Partners

Open Community Contracts is an initiative of the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment. The repository is partially funded by the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute.