International Investment Syllabus Project

One immediate result of the Second Columbia International Investment Conference, “What’s Next in International Investment Law and Policy?” (October 30-31, 2007), was the launch of an international investment “syllabus project”. Professor Andrea K. Bjorklund, from the University of California, Davis, School of Law, is leading the project on behalf of the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI).  The ultimate objective of the project is to construct model syllabi for international investment law and make them available to institutions of higher learning throughout the world, especially in emerging markets.

The first step in achieving this objective was to ascertain what classes are currently being offered and their content. Therefore, we have collected syllabi in the area of international investment law and related public policy issues (available for download below). We invite international investment law and policy scholars to continue to send their course syllabi to Professor Bjorklund. CCSI also held two consultative faculty workshops, during which participants from more than a dozen institutions met to examine the draft model syllabi, identify lacunae, and discuss the issues that should be covered in the model syllabi. The participants also discussed strategies for disseminating the model syllabi to law faculties around the world, especially in emerging markets.

In June 2011, we published three “model”  syllabi in the area of international investment law and policy.  One is designed for a single-semester course covering both policy aspects of international investment law and dispute settlement.  The other two are designed to complement each other for a full year’s worth of study, with the first semester focusing on policy and the second semester focusing on dispute settlement.  We hope they will assist those interested in teaching investment law as they consider how to structure their courses – these are simply models that individuals might well want to modify to suit their particular courses. The syllabi are not set in stone; they will evolve as investment law evolves.  To that end we welcome your suggestions for improvement.





The Columbia Center’s syllabus project is part of a broader program designed to build capacity in the area of foreign investment law in emerging markets.  We are grateful for the support of Columbia’s Earth Institute and Institute of Latin American Studies, as well as the generous advice and expertise offered by international investment experts from around the world.


Other syllabi on foreign direct investment law and policy:


Stanimir A. Alexandrov – Foreign Direct Investment

Stanimir A. Alexandrov – Settlement of International Economic Disputes

Jose E. Alvarez – Foreign Investment

Jeffery Atik – International Investment Law

Perry S. Bechky – International Investment Law

Pieter H.F. Bekker – International Investment Arbitration

Andrea K. Bjorklund – International Investment Disputes

Julien Chaisse and Christian Bellak – The Law and Economics of FDI

David Collins – International Investment Law LLM

Melaku Geboye Desta, Abba Kolo, and Thomas Walde – Transnational Investment Law & Policy

Janet Dine and Peter Muchlinski – Multinational Enterprises and the Law

Rudolf Dolzer – Principles of International Investment Law

Christopher Dugan, Borzu Sabahi, and Don Wallace Jr. – Investor State Arbitration Seminar

Lorraine Eden – Multinational Enterprises

Tracey Epps – International Investment Law

Victor Essien – International Investment Law

Norah Gallagher, Joanna Gomula-Crawford, and Loukas Mistelis – International Trade & Investment Dispute Settlement

Gabriel Gari, Rosa Lastra, and George Walker – Law of Finance and Foreign Investment in Emerging Economies

Kenneth Hansen, David Khairallah, and Marcia Wiss – International Investment Law

Kenneth Hansen and Lee Zak – International Project Finance

Chen Huiping – International Investment Law

Jean Kalicki and Mark Kantor – Litigation Practice in International Arbitration

Daoud Khairallah and Marcia Wiss – International Project Finance and Investment

Andreas Lowenfeld – International Economic Transactions, International Investment

Andreas Lowenfeld – International Investment

Andreas Lowenfeld – Investment Treaties

Mark S. McNeill – Seminar on Investment Under Regional Trade Agreements

Lilach Nachum – Emerging Markets and the International Business Environment

Lilach Nachum – International Business Strategy

Owen D. Nee – International Business and Investment Transactions with China

Hari Osofsky – International Trade and Investment

Slavo Radosevic – Political Economy of International Business

Slavo Radosevic – Political Economy of International Business – Seminar Topics

August Reinisch – International Standards of Investment Protection

W. Michael Reisman and Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez – International Investment Law

Anthea Roberts – Investment Treaty Law

James N. Rosenau – The Dynamics of Globalization

John Ruggie – Global Governance

Jeswald W. Salacuse – International Investment Law

Jeswald W. Salacuse – International Investment, Development and the Law

Val Samonis – Transnational Business Management

Karl P. Sauvant – FDI and Public Policy

Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer – International Investment Law

Christoph Schreuer – International Investment Arbitration

Christoph Schreuer – International Investment Law

Surya P. Subedi – International Law of Foreign Investment