Conceptualizing Economic Linkages to the Resource Sector

With support from GIZ, CCSI reviewed how companies, governments and international development organisations can promote economic and infrastructure linkages from the extractive industries sector. Apart from providing the theoretical framework for linkage creation, the study gives an overview of the existing literature on the topic, and highlights successful case studies. Recommendations are provided for the three types of stakeholders. Download the report here.

On the basis of this report, GIZ commissioned CCSI to prepare a training course that can be taught in one or two days. The course material encompasses pre-training exercises, presentations, interactive learning activities, a handbook for trainers and a manual for trainees. The material is prepared with flexible training modules, which allows for the course to be adapted to local demands.

Following a regional training on linkage creation in Latin America, the Colombian Government commissioned CCSI to prepare a policy brief focused on its mining sector. The brief gives an overview of existing regulatory requirements, government policies and company programs to foster economic and infrastructure linkages from the mining sector. Based on the findings, the brief provides suggestions for next steps if the government is to develop a more comprehensive linkage creation program. Download the English version of the policy brief here and the Spanish version here.

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