China’s emergence as an important outward investor and implications for international investment law


China has become one of the three most important outward foreign direct investors, complementing its role as one of the most important host countries world wide and the most important one among developing countries. Moreover, the country has concluded the second highest number of of bilateral investment treaties, in addition to free trade agreements with investment provisions. Reflecting the growth of China’s outward foreign direct investment (FDI), the content of its investment treaties has changed, with the latest change being the acceptance of negotiating the China-United States bilateral investment treaty on the basis of pre-establishment national treatment and a negative list approach. This project briefly documents the growth of China’s outward FDI and the regulatory framework guiding it, examines the perception and reception of the country’s investment abroad, analyses the changing approach China takes in its international investment agreements, and concludes on what impact theseĀ developments might be expected to have on the international investment regime.