Environmental and Climate Change Risks and Impacts + Extractive Industries

The Coalition on Materials Emissions Transparency (COMET)

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To further and fully understand how to plan for the decarbonization of mining value chains, we need better data on carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, neither consumers, corporates, or financial institutions know the embodied emissions in the products they produce or sell. While methods like life-cycle analysis and environmental product declarations exist, none use… read more

Tracking Impacts and Making Effective Use of Environmental Impact Assessments for Guinea’s Bauxite Mining

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As part of a two-year funded research project co-sponsored by the Earth Frontiers Seed Grant of Columbia’s Earth Institute and the UN Development Programme in Guinea, led by Principal Investigator Lynnette Widder, CCSI is conducting a legal review of the current environmental and political framework for regulating the mining industry in Guinea.

The Renewable Power of the Mine

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Mine sites that are remote often rely on expensive off-grid solutions to generate power. Use of renewable energy could be a cost-reducing solution for mine sites, and CCSI is researching how to leverage the power demand from mines to deploy renewables in developing countries.

Assessing Water-Related Risks in the Mining Sector

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As part of a 3-year grant from Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), CCSI worked with the Columbia Water Center to develop and benchmark a modeling platform for quantitatively assessing the environmental risks associated with gold and copper mining projects and their resulting financial implications.

Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change

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CCSI has been exploring the strategies fossil fuel companies have embraced in order to address climate change concerns, and the strategies responsible investors could potentially request from fossil fuel companies in order to move towards a decarbonized economy.

A Regulatory, Operational and Commercial Framework for the Utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas

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CCSI is working to develop a regulatory and operational framework that would unlock the value of the Associated Petroleum Gas that is currently wasted, in order to improve energy efficiency, expand access to energy, and contribute to climate change mitigation.

Critical Minerals For Green Technologies

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CCSI is researching how the development of green technology could impact the demand for “critical” minerals.

“Stranding” Fossil Fuel Assets Equitably

CCSI is exploring how equity can be taken into account when thinking through the issue of stranding assets.

Training Module on Extractive Industries and Climate Change

In 2017 CCSI integrated climate change as one of the core modules in its executive training on extractive industries and sustainable development. The training session provides an introductory overview of climate change impacts, and the Paris Agreement. It gives an overview of various policy developments that have driven and will continue to drive the energy transition, as well as how the private sector is responding.