Executive Sessions: October 2018 Update

At the third meeting of this Executive Session, from October 3 – 5, we launched a new informational video on the ES and discussed a number of issues related to the impact of politics on the efficacy of various areas of work were explored, including:

  • the need for, and opportunities to undertake, more politically sensitive approaches to technical assistance, including in emerging oil producer states like Guyana
  • the multi-dimensional impacts of politics on transparency efforts, such as the politics of enacting disclosure requirements, the politics of data production, and the politics of data use,
  • a range of possible approaches to holding various actors accountable under different political circumstances
  • the ways in which politics interact with the uptake and implementation of community consultation and respect for free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) processes in Latin America and beyond,
  • how the power and interests of global actors can shape outcomes in host countries in ways that do, but at times do not, align with good governance or development goals, and
  • the importance of identifying, cultivating and supporting reformers within various levels of governments and oversight institutions in order to advance both the uptake and the effective implementation of various reforms.

Look out for forthcoming updates on individual topics such as these and additional resources for exploring PEI.