NRF Related Publications

Key Online Publications

ESMAP – World Bank – Experiences with Oil Funds: Institutional and Financial Aspects (2006)

IDS – The Political Economy of Stabilisation Funds: Measuring Their Success in Resource-Dependent Countries (2011)

Institute of Economics (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) – Fiscal Institutions in Resource-Rich Economies: Lessons from Chile and Norway (2012)

IMF – Fiscal Frameworks for Resource Rich Developing Countries (2012)

IMF – Guide on Resource Revenue Transparency (2007)

IMF – Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks for Resource-Rich Developing Countries (2012)

IWG – Sovereign Wealth Funds: Generally Accepted Principles and Practices (“Santiago Principles”)

Open Society Institute – Caspian Oil Windfalls: Who Will Benefit? (2003)

Santiago Compliance Index (2013)

Truman Sovereign Wealth Fund Scoreboard (2013)

NRGI – Subnational Oil, Gas and Mineral Revenue Management (2013)


Key Printed Publications

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