MNEs from Emerging Markets: New Players in the World FDI Market

Edited by Karl P. Sauvant, Vishwas P. Govitrikar and Ken Davies (New York: VCC, 2011).

The rise of FDI from emerging markets has become a focus of attention since the turn of the century. Over the past few years, firms from these markets have become major investors abroad, complementing their home countries‘ traditional role as recipients of FDI. To help understand this remarkable phenomenon, a unique collaborative effort that brings together researchers on FDI from leading institutions in emerging markets has so far produced annual reports on over 200 MNEs in 11 countries. The reports give a basic statistical picture of the activities of the leading outward investors from emerging markets, including how important foreign activities are in each firm‘s total activity and the global spread of each enterprise. The reports also contain brief analyses of the trend of outward investment by these enterprises, including their responses to the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009.

The ebook volume is available for download here.