International Conference on the Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets: Threat or Opportunity?

Date: October 24, 2006
Location: Columbia University

Organized by the Columbia Program on International InvestmentFundação Dom Cabral (Brazil) and the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation in the United Nations Development Programme.

A large group of academics, business leaders and students met at Columbia University on October 24-25, 2006 to discuss the implications of the rise of transnational corporations (TNCs) from emerging markets.

Providing the broader context for the event were two keynote speakers, Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, who discussed stresses facing the world economy and governments due to the increasingly global nature of commerce and international investment.Corporate leaders Alessandro Carlucci (Natura, Brazil), Ravi Kant (Tata Motors, India) and James Shaughnessy (Lenovo, China) discussed the specific issues each of their TNCs have faced in their trans-nationalization efforts, from country specific issues to corporate structural decisions.

Other panels in the Conference were led by academic experts who discussed the following issues:Why do firms from emerging markets invest (or have to invest) abroad and what issues do they face when doing so? What are their transnational growth patterns and how has this growth differed from that of firms from developed countries some 30 years ago? How are emerging markets handling corporate governance and corporate social responsibility? How do the emerging home countries benefit from outward FDI and which policies should they pursue in terms of liberalizing their outward FDI policies in a manner that is beneficial to them and supports the international competitiveness of their firms? How will host countries reconcile the possibilities of tapping emerging market FDI with protectionist concerns? What are the implications for international rule-making?

Download the Conference Program.

The papers of the Conference were published by Edward Elgar in a volume entitled The Rise Of Transnational Corporations From Emerging Markets: Threat or Opportunity? For more details on the publication, view the publications page.